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Do You or Your Child
Struggle with Reading?

You may have a perception challenge that can’t be detected by standard tests—but can be identified by the Irlen® Method.

Many adults and children, due to this perceptual challenge, may be frustrated by:

  • eye strain or fatigue while reading or working on the computer
  • difficulty concentrating or staying on task
  • discomfort under bright lights or with night driving
  • awkwardness in sports such as baseball, volleyball or tennis
  • not being able to curl up with a good book

Struggling with these issues restricts learning and social interactions, and gets in the way of an enjoyable life.

Too often, children are not having the success we dream of for them. A lack of success in school may translate into poor academic performance, low self esteem, or even disruptive behavior.

Despite tutoring or reading glasses, some children continue to struggle. The source of the problem may be a visual perception issue – words may appear distorted, blurry, or even seem to move or disappear.

The Irlen® Method is a unique, patented, non–invasive methodology that helps children and adults to become more effective in reading, comprehension, and depth perception through the use of Irlen® color overlays or filters that can correct visual perception distortions.

The Irlen® Method is a perfect complement to public schools and private tutors, as they must comply with federal and state guidelines. With the pressure to raise benchmark scores, along with special education laws emphasizing scientifically–based research and Response to Intervention (RTI) systems, the Irlen® Method is a valuable resource to both public and private instruction.

The Irlen® Method is unique in that it is not teaching skills but removing the barriers that prevent the brain from accurately processing visual information. When accurate visual processes precede instruction, reading and learning become attainable more quickly.